Polyverse Music has announced the release of version 1.0.0 of its powerful new modal filter Supermodal, an effect plugin that uses hundreds of narrow filter bands working in concert to emulate the resonating qualities of acoustic bodies, both real and imagined, resulting in never-before-possible sonic transformations.

With its modal filter working in parallel with a classic zero-feedback state variable filter, Supermodal allows users to shape their audio into a host of attention-grabbing sounds that are at once exciting, unfamiliar, and eminently musical.

“We are pleased to share Supermodal 1.0.0 with both our public beta users and anyone waiting for the right time to jump in and explore this exciting new tool,” says Polyverse C.E.O Assaf Dar Sagol.

“This release is the culmination of a lot of dreaming and hard work here at Polyverse. We also extend our deepest thanks to all the users who took the time to dive into the plug-in and share their feedback over the last few months. Your input has been instrumental in helping us refine the Supermodal experience and has contributed to making version 1.0.0 even more fun, inviting, and rock solid than before. We look forward to hearing more from our community as they create wild new sounds the way only Supermodal can. Happy experimenting!”

Supermodal features

  • Modal filter capable of seamless morphing between modes.
  • 27 Modes ranging from musical to mangled.
  • 200+ presets and counting.
  • Drive SVF filter input and Modal filter output.
  • Modulate any parameter with fast, intuitive modulation sources.
  • Cross modulate between 4 modulation slots.
  • 24dB per-octave slope state-variable filter.
  • Blend between SVF and Modal filter.
  • Self-resonate when resonance is boosted past 100.
  • Control partials to completely eliminate high or low frequencies.
  • Shape modal tails with decay and damping controls.

Supermodal for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is available from the Polyverse website and at distributor Plugin Boutique for $99 USD.