Porter & Davies, world famous developers and manufacturers of silent tactile monitoring systems, has expanded its innovative range with the introduction of the TT6 Equipped Throne.

Porter & Davies TT6 Equipped Throne

The TT6 Equipped Throne contains the Porter & Davies bespoke 1,000W TT6 transducer which was initially designed to power active staging. It has since been fitted in thrones for bands such as The Who, Anthrax, Royal Blood and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The main advantage of the TT6 Equipped Throne is it can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk position. Many touring bands and rental companies have requested the option to drive their Porter & Davies gear in this way.

The new throne retains all the sensitivity, speed, dynamic range and punch of Porter & Davies regular equipment and can deliver endless levels of power as required. It looks like the BC2 and BC Gigster, remaining extremely portable and capable of fitting into a standard snare drum case. Custom options include back rests and Airlift / Nitro brackets.

The TT6 Equipped Throne is available for £569 GBP excluding VAT and shipping.

More information: Porter & Davies / TT6 Equipped Throne