PreSonus has announced it is now shipping version 3.3 of Studio One, the latest in a series of free updates to Studio One 3 Artist and Studio One 3 Professional.

The new version adds several of the most frequently requested enhancements, including unprecedented integration with the company’s Notion music notation and performance software for Mac and Windows.

Together, Studio One 3.3 and the newly released Notion 6 are a music composition and arranging powerhouse, enabling you to convert your Studio One note events to traditional notation for printing or editing and work on arrangements with Notion’s extensive composition tools. Compose in Studio One 3.3 and send note data to Notion for editing and printing parts. Export the audio or note data for each track and import it into a copy of Notion 6 running anywhere on the network or on the same machine.

You also can start your composition in Notion 6 or Notion for iPad and move it to Studio One for editing, sound design, and mixing. Notion 6 can find instances of Studio One 3.3 anywhere on the network, automatically open a new project, and send the audio files or note data, track data, VST instrument data, and score data straight to the DAW, retaining instrument name, score order, pan and gain settings, rehearsal marks, initial time signature, and metronome marks.

Studio One 3.3 offers several other much-requested enhancements. Multitrack drum editing is now even faster in Studio One 3.3.

Instantly quantize an entire drum performance using beat slicing, thanks to new Autofill and Autofades options that allow you to fill gaps, remove overlaps, and apply fades in one pass. Alternatively, quantize and apply beat-based, artifact-free time-stretching using a more advanced combination of Audio Bend and Elastique Pro 3 algorithms that preserves transients. New mixing enhancements in Studio One 3.3 include one-click global effects on and off, enabling quick A/B comparisons. You also can now disable tracks, instruments, or plug-ins to reduce CPU load and save memory.

In addition to the aforementioned features for Studio One 3.3 Artist and Studio One 3.3 Professional, Studio One 3.3 Professional adds improved multi-processing to the DAW’s unique Mix Engine FX for better CPU performance and introduces a new video engine that replaces QuickTime for Windows and Mac OS X. Based on AV Foundation for Mac OS X and Microsoft Media Foundation for Windows, this new video engine supports more current file formats and improves audio extraction.

Studio One 3.3 is a free update for registered users of Studio One 3.0 and higher. Downloads are available from within Studio One 3 or from the user’s My.PreSonus account.

Notion 6 is a major upgrade to the popular notation software, adding a variety of features and enhancements.

Notion has a variety of features that let it play well with other software, and version 6 further improves on this. In addition to Studio One interoperability, the new version updates MusicXML support for seamless transfers with other notation applications. Notion has long offered audio ReWire capabilities; now it also supports ReWire MIDI transfers in real time. And in addition to importing and exporting WAV files, you can now export MP3 files.

Entering music has gotten easier, too. Along with its familiar interactive fretboard, keyboard, and drum pad, Notion 6 lets you get your hands on your score with Powered by MyScript™ handwriting recognition. Write directly into your score, and Notion will automatically convert your input into digital notation. Or you can write into the optional handwriting area so you don’t have to keep zooming in or out of a large score to write notes. You don’t have to learn custom gestures or specialized software features, nor must you “teach” the software to recognize your writing; simply write music the way you normally do with a paper score.

PreSonus Notion 6

While many Notion layout and notation choices are done automatically, sometimes you need to fine-tune your score’s appearance for easy reading and a professional look. Notion 6 provides new layout handles that let you drag notes, measure lines, staves, accidentals, rests, and more, while avoiding accidental respacing. Show and hide parts independently by system for minimal wasted space and maximum readability. Even drag entire systems up and down on the page to adjust the spacing; when you let go, Notion rejustifies the layout.

Notion has long been known for the best playback of any notation product, including orchestral samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. Notion 6 adds the Lakeside Pipe Organ and Olympus Micro Choir sounds from Soundiron and, by popular demand, the formerly optional Notion Harpsichord.

To top it off, Notion 6 comes with the Notion Score Library, a collection of public domain scores in the Notion format that includes a variety of famous orchestral and piano works. Use the Score Library to teach a set work or orchestration, accompany a choir with the whole of the London Symphony Orchestra, accompany a student’s concerto with one finger, play scores for fun by tapping each beat, and hook up a MIDI keyboard for touch-sensitive dynamics, performed in real time.

Notion 6 is available for purchase for $149 USD.

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