Prime Loops Soundtrack Composer

Prime Loops has announced the release of Soundtrack Composer, is a new scene-stealing sample pack.

Cancel that casting call, a star is in our midst!. This fresh angle on cinematic sound delivers depth, drama and suspense to any production, from the opening scene to the closing credits, with a wide array of atmospheres, all formatted and ready for your final cut!

Featuring 8 fully arranged scores, each evoking a different mood, you can chop, change and rearrange them all to compliment your montage or money shot! Each track is broken down into individual stems, totalling over 100 separate loops and 35 one-shot samples specifically crafted for cinematic perfection in 24-bit high definition quality!

As you can expect with every renowned Prime Loops sound library, all 520 Mb of “Soundtrack Composer” come to royalty free and pre-formatted for all major music hardware and software. So if you want your sounds to be heard in the Hollywood hills, “Soundtrack Composer” is THE sample library that guarantees a blockbuster score without busting the budget! Roll Credits!

The sample pack is available to purchase for £21.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops