Prime Loops Dirty South Xtreme

Prime Loops has announced the release of its Dirty South Xtreme sample pack.

The race is on with Dirty South Xtreme, Prime Loops‘ latest exclusive addition to an already stunning library of true hardcore Dirty South rhythms and sounds.

The entirety of Dirty South Xtreme has been produced, recorded and mastered exclusively for Prime Loops by the experienced production teams Dizzy and PCP aka Phat Crispy Productions in the line of the most modern trap and Dirty South sound evolution. All tracks, loops and one-shots come to you 100% royalty free.

Leave your tails in the dust of the sonic mayhem you create – with Dirty South Xtreme, you‘ll be way ahead of the international production competition. Whether you just want to lay down some slick beats, add to your sonic foundry or paint epic backdrops in darkest tones to your MC‘s storytelling: this is the one to take your success to the Xtreme!

The sample pack is availble to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops