Prime Loops Dubstep Drum Loops

Prime Loops has released Dubstep Drum Loops, the latest Sound Suite for producers of tomorrow looking to instantly incorporate the top 30 most up-to-date, DJ-ready Dubstep Drum Beats and Rhythms currently available.

Dubstep is one of the hottest new genres to emerge this decade with its spine-curdling basslines and intricate intoxicating rhythms continually capturing the crowd’s imagination as the scene evolves, and providing a welcome shelter for many genres along the way. Dubstep Drum Loops from Prime Loops embraces the movement straight to the core, cutting trough genres with a host of extremely creative drums loops a far step away from your average drum/snare/hi-hat drum loops.

Dubstep Drum Loops features

  • 30 Drum Loops/Percussion Loops for Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop, Trip Hop.
  • Each loop is unique in its song-writing potential, showcasing an original display of future effects flawlessly melting into the addictive drum beats and percussive grooves which will ignite a multitude of creative inspiration to create cutting edge beats on many new levels.
  • Formats: Wav, Akai Mpc, Rex2 Loops, Acid Loops & many more.

Dubstep Drum Loops is available for £4.95 GBP. You can download a pack of free samples from the product page.

Visit Prime Loops for more information and audio demos.