Prime Loops Dubstep Illusions

Prime Loops has released Dubstep Illusions, a collection of over 500Mb of loops and samples for Dubstep music production.

Prime Loops’ latest cornucopia of loops and samples brings an endlessly pulsating flow of spaced-out, atmospheric and imaginative sounds that will leave a lasting impression with any dedicated bass-lobber between Shoreditch and Babylon: “Dubstep Illusions” has arrived!

From funky and light-hearted future garage vibes to mega-dark and deep to downright ball-breaking dub attacks, “Dubstep Illusions” has it all – but always, in every detail engineered to the ultra-modern, super-dope sound quality one has come to expect from the house of Prime Loops – and needless to say, each and every sound and loop contained is 100% royalty free!

Dubstep Illusions is available to purchase in various formats for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops