Prime Loops Dubstep Invasion

Prime Loops has released Dubstep Invasion, a collection of over 200 dubstep sounds by MRK1.

Take absolutely no hostages, cause maximum mayhem and make the “Dubstep Invasion” your mission! Equipped with this armoury – packed to the brim with dutifully manufactured, professionally mastered, tried, tested and polished dubstep weapons – you are more than ready to take aim at the heart of the trembling dancefloor. Then: Strike!

Going directly for your legs, bowels and mind, “Dubstep Invasion” is a gritty, 300Mb+ strong arsenal of jaw-dropping samples and neck-breaking loops, authored by Prime Loops’ latest signing, highly skilled beat freak and producer MRK1! This infectious collection delivers the perfect foundation for any huge steppa: Bass – shaking the ground with ultra-low frequency force, Tricky percussion – wetting the sole of any riddim-hungry raver, Synth lines – guaranteed to make the crowd raise their arms with peak-time shivers being sent right up into their fingertips, and much more.

Dubstep Invasion is available to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops