Prime Loops Essential Progressive Presets for Sylenth1

Prime Loops has announced the releases of Essential Progressive Presets for Sylenth1, the first release in the Prime Presets series of patches for all your favorite software synthesizers fresh from the Prime Loops audio scientists.

This series delivers a host of content for your soft synth, including presets, MIDI files and, as a special addition, loops made from the presets and MIDI files to maximize the creative possibilities for you in the studio.

Inside this pack are synth leads, pad chord progressions, basslines, SFX and drum sounds in the form of presets, each one of which has been precision-designed by the Prime Presets team to make full use of all the oscillators, filters and routing options available in your synth. Trust us, we leave no rock unturned and have spent hours making sure every single sound is bang up-to-date with current musical flavors, tweaking every dial and fader to bring you the very best your synth has to offer.

Essential Progressive Presets for Sylenth1 features

  • 64 presets for the cutting-edge Sylenth1 software synthesizer, presented as a handy all-in-one soundbank file.
  • 64 MIDI files designed to accompany each preset, showcasing their sonic capabilities and giving you inspiration for your music.
  • 64 synth loops utilizing the above presets and MIDI files, just incase you don’t have the synth the presets are made for.

The soundset is available to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops