Prime Loops The Temple Of Breaks

Prime Loops has released The Temple Of Breaks, a collection of Drum n Bass and Drumfunk Drum Loops.

Deep within the pitch-black jungle, far from civilisation and urban safety, The Temple of Breaks awaits your arrival. Dare to explore this rhythmic fortress, carved out of heavy ancient rock by the high priests of Drumfunk, built to hold the power of the most frenetic oldskool beats known to man. Injecting venomous influence from a wide range of artists such as Paradox, Calyx, Prolix, Noisia, Chase & Status, Nicky Blackmarket, Ed Rush & Optical, Moving Shadow, V Recordings, Full Cycle and a host of up and coming and current artists and labels…

The Temple Of Breaks features

  • 75 full-on Drum & Bass and Drumfunk Breaks by Dmitry Vasilyev.
  • Tempo of 170-182 bpm.
  • Suitable for Drumfunk, Darkstep, Dubstep, Hardstep, Jump-Up, Liquid Funk, Sambass, Techstep, Neurofunk, Drill n Bass, Breakcore & more.

The Temple Of Breaks is available to purchase for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops