Producer Loops Sunny Lax Modern Trance Vol 1

Producer Loops has announced the release of its Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 1 sample library.

‘Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 1’ is a mammoth pack of pounding modern Trance Construction Kits featuring stunning production, a rich feature set and intelligent progressions and melodies spread across 10 colossal kits.

Featuring over 2 GB of uncompressed content, ‘Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 1’ is sure to bring your Trance productions into the 21st century and well beyond. In no less than 10 kits you’ll find euphoric melodies, deep chord progressions and climactic builds.

Each kit has its own distinct mood, but thanks to the intuitive file naming and key/tempo metadata embedded in the files they can be used with each other and with your other Producer Loops titles with no trouble at all.

White noise washes, groovy top loops, side chained pads, synth leads and funky bass lines are all included in over 400 loops, and all files have been mixed and mastered to the highest quality.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 1