Producers LunchBox has announced the release of Starlight Soundset Vol. 1, a soundset by Gokosoul for the Clavia Nord Lead synthesizer and discoDSP Discovery software synthesizer.

40 stunning EDM presets for Clavia Nord Lead and Nord Rack 1 & 2-series. Gokosoul is here again with Clavia Nord “Starlight” soundset! This package contains 40 blazing presets. You can use this bank with trance, ambient, electronic dance music productions. Gokosoul says: “When you wish to have and use some favourite and most important essential pluck and bass sounds about trance and edm genre, don’t hesitate. Just use them via with this. So you could have some legacy stuffs such as; Chicane’s or Daniel Kandi’s pluck sounds, Above and Beyond’s early 2000’s basses or even Super8 & Tab’s supersaw sounds when you use 4 multitimbral mode with fine tuning”

Have a listen on the great demo and be amazed! Zoom 70-CDR guitar pedal used to apply tap delay and hall reverb for the sounds!

This is a must have for everyone who own’s the Clavia Nord Lead 1, 2 or rack synth or DiscoDSP Discovery!

The soundset is available for purchase for 18 EUR.

More information: Producers LunchBox