Plugin Boutique has released the new Bass Music Sound Design with Iris 2 tutorial course from Producertech, in which Bass Music producer and renowned sound designer Seppa teaches a multitude of techniques for creating basses, pads, leads and FX, to beef up your knowledge and give you the confidence to start designing sounds of your own.

Seppa begins the course with a detailed lesson on the Iris interface, leaving no stone unturned as he explores every control and operational feature within the plugin, providing a solid basis from which to start crafting different types of preset. Focussing on the spectral display, he then shows a technique for extracting sub from a bass sample, which can be incredibly useful for making sub patches or adding sub-layers to a preset.

The next 2 modules dive further into bass design, first showing how to combine an acoustic instrument with a synthetic waveform, to create an evolving hybrid sound, before using all available sample slots to make a 4-layer bass. Following this, Seppa shows how a collection of foley samples can be skilfully layered together and then modulated with numerous LFOs to make a surreal natural soundscape for adding original touches to your production.

The final 2 patches include a huge, lush pad and a simple pluck, both incorporating multiple layers of samples that add unique frequencies to the presets, which are then shaped using the required envelopes and processed with FX.

The course is on sale at an introductory price of only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD until January 9th, 2022 (regular £19.95 GBP).

More information: Producertech