Producertech has introduced an all-encompassing crash course in writing, producing, mixing, and mastering breakbeat music.

The Breakbeat Production Techniques course by dance music and sound design icon Future Funk Squad aka Glen Nicholls contains 4 hours of streamed lessons.

Kicking off proceedings with some heavy break samples, chunky drums and funky basslines, he then begins to build out the track. Slowly adding more and more elements to enrich the music, he explains along the way when and how to use certain elements, like atmospherics, and transitional risers, and what sort of frequencies these elements should be occupying.

He then begins to arrange the individual elements into something that resembles a track, experimenting along the way, and trying out a number of different options to optimise the impact and pacing of the song.

Future Funk Squad’s sound design and mixing expertise comes to the fore when he explains and demonstrates his mixing process, which involves committing to the arrangement by working with exported stems. He then finishes up with a quick-fire mastering tutorial and leaves you with a fully-finished, release-standard track.

The course is available to purchase at Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech