Producertech Producer's Guide to Vocals

Producer’s Guide to Vocals is a new 11 module video tutorial by Producertech.

A good vocal has the power to transform a decent track into an unforgettable global hit, and this course will provide all the knowledge you need to write, record and process your very own vocals.

The course is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of adding vocals to a track, beginning with writing tips and suggestions for selecting and finding a vocalist, before moving onto invaluable guidance on equipment and how to ensure the recording session goes without a hitch. He then gives an in-depth guide to his professional techniques for processing vocals, covering everything from EQing and reverb, to creative slicing of improvised material, using a range of DAWs’ internal effects and 3rd party plugins.

Producer’s Guide to Vocals is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

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