Producertech has launched a tutorial by Dom Howard aka Ruckspin. In Pro Electropop Tips: Breaking Down ‘Best Laid Plans’, Tom takes you through a series of 12 video modules that cover vocal processing, drums & fx, bus processing, arranging the string quartet and melodies, and more.

With a huge amount of music production experience, including being the engineer behind legendary band Submotion Orchestra, Producertech are very happy to welcome Dom Howard to the community, as he offers a glimpse at his working methods in this series of tutorials.

On the course, Dom walks through one of the tracks on his 2020 solo album ‘Songs for the Time Being’, released under his artist name ‘Ruckspin’, in which he uncovers the techniques used to create and mix the different melodic and percussive elements within it.

The course includes 90 minutes of streamed tutorials, in addition to a bonus collection of samples from the Submotion Orchestra sample pack from Loopmasters.

Priced £14.95 GBP, Pro Electropop Tips: Breaking Down ‘Best Laid Plans’ is available from Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique.