W.A. Production has launched a new value bundle featuring three of its audio plugins at over 90% off the regular price.

The Production Hack Bundle comprises Mutant Reverb, Mutant Delay, and the Venom spectral shifter effect.

Do you ever feel like the pros must know something you don’t? That there must be some tricks they are hiding because they want to keep them to themselves? Well, here at W. A. Production it’s our MISSION to give every producer the same access to top-quality tools and the game-changing tricks the pros use without making you spend a fortune. That’s why we’re bringing you this latest package: the Production Hack Bundle!

The Production Hack Bundle from W. A. Production brings you three of our most powerful audio effect plugins for one low price. These unique plugins are sure to make a difference in your productions and lead you to create sounds you could never have before!

The bundle is available from W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique, priced only $9.90 USD until June 28th, 2021 (regular value $137 USD).