Prodyon Phenome Factory B Expansion

Prodyon has released the Phenome Factory B Expansion, an expansion for the factory library of the Phenome SoundFont player instrument for Windows.

The Factory B Expansion expands Phenome’s Factory Library with 170 new Presets and 106 new SoundFonts. It is around 600MB in size and available for download now.

The Phenome Factory B Expansion is available to purchase for a one-week introductory price of $25 USD (regular $30 USD).

Prodyon has also released version 1.64 of the Phenome plug-in.

Changes in Phenome v1.64

  • Reworked installer.
  • Fixed a bug in the amp section.
  • Added float value readout for knobs.
  • Added velocity playback mode switch.

Phenome is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

More information: Prodyon Phenome