Propellerhead Software has released version 1.0.1 of Record, the recording software for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.0.1 of Record is a free maintenance update that resolves several minor issues.

It also comes with a few new features including multiple audio file import and support for Line 6 Pod Farm 2.

Changes in Record v1.0.1

  • Audio input/output with built-in audio hardware on Mac — Record 1.0.1 features custom audio drivers for combinations of the default audio Inputs and Outputs on Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This way you won’t have to create an Aggregate Device to allow for simultaneous use of audio inputs and outputs in the built-in audio hardware.
  • Pod Farm 2 support — Line 6 has just released the Pod Farm 2 application, which includes changes to the Tone format. Since the Line 6 Amp devices in Record load and save Tones, this has resulted in some changes in Record 1.0.1
    • The Line 6 Amp devices in Record 1.0.1 load Tones of the Pod Farm 1 or Pod Farm 2 format.
    • The Line 6 Amp devices in Record 1.0.1 will always save Tones in the Pod Farm 2 format. These Tones cannot be opened for editing in Pod Farm 1 – you need to use Pod Farm 2.
  • Multiple audio file import — The “Import Audio File…” function now supports import of multiple audio files at once.
  • Record Performance Automation for Audio Tracks and Mix Channel Tracks — It is now possible to send performance controllers to Audio Tracks and Mix Channel Tracks. For example, if you have a Line 6 Guitar Amp device as an insert effect, you can now use an Expression pedal to control the Wah effect (and record this as automation if you like).

More information: Propellerhead Software