PSound has released Vintage Electric, a new virtual instrument featuring the sounds of the Rhodes Mark I electric piano.

The instrument features up to 16 dynamic layers for each note and includes a dynamic response control and effects.

Vintage Electric is a new virtual instrument based on a reproduction of a vintage electric piano Fender Rhodes Mark I (1976) with a full range of dynamics (from soft to distorted sounds), release noise and pedal resonance.

Vintage Electric features

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I (1976) implementation.
  • 2.2 GB storage, 48kHz/24-bit resolution.
  • All samples with natural decay (no loop).
  • Up to 16 velocity layers.
  • Adjustable Dynamic Curve.
  • Pedal resonance.
  • Key-off noise level.
  • Tremolo, Chorus and Convolution Reverb with controls.
  • Equalizer (Low, Mid, High).
  • Powered by UVI Engine XT.

Vintage Electric is available for the intro price of 49 EUR. Requires UVI Workstation, UVI Falcon or Motu Machfive.

The previously released Bandoneon, World Musette and Vintage Accordion instruments are currently 33% off as part a PSound’s Xmas Sale.

More information: PSound