PSP Audioware has released a maintenance update to the Twin-L limiter plugin.

Version 1.0.1 brings some fixes for the dual algorithm classic limiter.

The aim of this plug-in is to provide a wide variety of shaping options. The plug-in is able to emulate the main features of two types of limiter: VCA-limiters, which is a modern type of analog limiter, and Opto-limiters which are vintage optical limiters. Keep in mind, however, that PSP Twin-L’s limiting algorithms are not intended to emulate any specific hardware but rather to bring the capabilities of both types into a versatile plug-in.

Changes in Twin-L v1.0.1

  • Fixed: Gain reduction meter in PSP Twin-L had a longer release in Pro Tools 2018 than in other Host applications (only visual behavior, did not affect sound).
  • Fixed: On some PC computers (Windows 10) the VST3 version of the plugin was ignored during VST3 plugin scan on host startup (Cubase 9/10, Nuendo, StudioOne 4). Requires the latest version of the iLok License Manager.
  • Fixed: On some PC computers the Input, Ceiling and Output knobs were disappearing.
  • Fixed: During offline bouncing in Pro Tools internal parameters were set to their default initial state if they were not automated. This did not occur during online bouncing.
  • Fixed: After loading a session the Monitor switch was always set to OFF.
  • Fixed: After loading a session the SideChain switch was always set to Internal.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Twin-L is still on sale for the intro price of $49 USD until March 19th from PSP Audioware and distributor Plugin Boutique.