Psychic Modulation has released an update to its PulseCode PCM drum machine instrument that pays tribute to the gritty, lo-fi sounds from the late 1980s.

Version 1.2 includes Swing, Humanize, Fill Arpeggiator enhancements, workflow improvements, and more.

PulseCode takes a different approach to “sample-based drum synthesis”, using strategic layering concepts that are based on the various techniques used by producers of that era to get massive drums sounds. All of the sounds supplied with PulseCode have been resampled in 12 and 13-bit with vintage gear to stay true to the era.

Gated reverb is effortless with PulseCode, as each sound includes it’s own sampled 13-bit reverb layer recorded from a vintage unit from the same time period. These techniques can usually be tedious and time consuming, but with PulseCode they are second nature. The result is that big drum sound so prevalent in the 80s and often heard in EBM, Industrial, Electro, Coldwave, SynthPop and Synthwave.

Changes in PulseCode v1.2

  • Left/Right arrows for quick Element browsing.
  • Independent Swing control for each drum.
  • Flow Offsets (alters the min/max level of the flow wave).
  • New Humanize feature added.
  • Hard Gate mode.
  • Direct Mode allows Air to send directly to Mixer, bypassing drum effects.
  • Drum Fill Arpeggiator now includes a Velocity Sequencer + Sub-presets for saving custom fills.
  • The Sequencer now has Global Copy/Paste, which can transfer all Sequencer settings (Pattern, Flow, Accents, etc) to other presets.

PulseCode (VST/AU) is available for $89 USD (+ VAT in EU).

More information: Psychic Modulation