Pulsar Audio has announced the launch of its 2023 Black Friday Sale, offering discount of up to 70% off on its audio plugins for the next few days.

This black friday, discover meticulously recreated analog hardware units, offering fresh takes on legendary compressors and iconic equalizers, all designed for today’s music production, with discounts reaching up to 70%. On top of that, get a Free Relab LX480 Essential when you purchase Pulsar Massive or Mu!

The promotion includes the following products:

  • Massive 89 USD/EUR (regular 149 USD/EUR): The most complete passive EQ plugin. Musical and intuitive, a must-have for mixing and mastering.
  • Massive & Mu Bundle 129 USD/EUR (regular 249 USD/EUR): Two high-end secret weapons used by top studio engineers, combining to form the ultimate musical mastering chain.
  • 1178 59 USD/EUR (regular 149 USD/EUR): A perfectly emulated and enhanced FET compressor. Fast, characterful and versatile, it is the ultimate control for modern mixes.
  • Echorec 39 USD/EUR (regular 99 USD/EUR): The Pulsar Echorec is a software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s.
  • Mu 59 USD/EUR (regular 149 USD/EUR): The most faithful emulation of a modern yet legendary tube compressor/limiter – perfect glue for mixing and mastering.
  • Smasher 25 USD/EUR (regular 49 USD/EUR): A straightforward extreme compressor modeled after the “British mode” of a uniquely modified 1176 compressor.
  • w495 29 USD/EUR (regular 99 USD/EUR): An accurate emulation of the Neumann w495 3-band EQ.

The offer is available at the Puslar Audio store and from distributor Plugin Boutique until December 5th, 2023.