PulseSetter-Sounds has announced the release of its new Kontakt instrument library Dystopian Guitars, featuring over 21GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring.

PulseSetter Sounds Dystopian Guitars

The virtual instrument incorporates a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones.

Dystopian Guitars is a new kind of Kontakt library designed to cover all your modern hybrid guitar needs and much more. This is a massive instrument with 3 years in the making and covering a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones. This unique library aims to be an all-inclusive solution for cinematic modern guitars.

It includes several of our so-called natural solo and unnatural solo instruments; customizable ensembles capable of performing multisample instruments together with loops; pulses and sequences; a playable pulse designer with several guitar and bass pulses; a collection of acoustic and processed shimmer instruments which are various combinations of fast arpeggios and tremolos that will add movement, air, and expression to any kind of score; several organic pads and ambiences; guitar tools and FX, as well as our most powerful sequencer to date.

Dystopian Guitars features

  • 21.32GB of content (16GB compressed).
  • 33 natural solo instruments.
  • 86 unnatural solo instruments.
  • 39 shimmers.
  • 334 loops.
  • 110 ensembles.
  • 101 pads.
  • 30 tools and fxs instruments.
  • 68 bonus sequences.
  • Pulse designer and pulse performer.
  • Quad note sequencer and arpeggiator.
  • Gate and Fx sequencer.

Dystopian Guitars is on sale for the intro price of $169 USD until November 19th, 2020 (regular $199 USD). The library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7 or higher.

More information: PulseSetter-Sounds