Puremagnetik Bender

Puremagnetik has released Bender, a new MicroPak featuring a collection of glitchy loops, circuit bent toys and tweaked instruments.

Caution! Electrical Hazard.

Bender contains highly volatile and erratic circuitry guaranteed to make your tracks glitch, screech and pop. Packed with over 100 loops and 5 menus of the most outlandish sounds, Bender offers an unlimited resource for any producer’s destructive streak.

Bender features

  • Sound content from the following modified devices:
    • Coleco Talking Teacher
    • Fastmatt Circuit Bent Speak & Spell
    • Vtech Smart Start
    • Furby
    • Drone Glitch Synthesizer
    • Circuit Bent Kawai R-50 Drum Machine
  • Customized for Ableton Live: includes over 100 Live Ready audio clips, 2 instruments and multiple alphabet voice racks. Each preset and clip loads with dynamic effect racks for instant tweaking and sound manipulation. In addition, Puremagnetik has programmed multiple racks emulating the glitch and looping mechanisms of the original bent devices.
  • Customized for Kontakt & Logic; The Kontakt version of Bender comes with 2 menus of over 100 circuit bent loops, 2 multisample instruments and multiple alphabet voice presets. Each instrument has been uniquely programmed with a custom Kontakt KSP GUI for the ultimate in expression and tweakability. Bender for Logic includes a collection of EXS instruments, multiple pre-programmed channel strips and over 100 Apple Loops.

Bender is available now for current Puremagnetik subscribers (subscriptions starting at $5.75 USD).

Visit Puremagnetik for more information and audio demos.