Puremagnetik Vintage Organs Volume 1

Puremagnetik has released Vintage Organs Volume 1, a collection of sophisticated organ instruments based on the Ace Tone Phenix and GT7.

Vintage Organs Volume 1 is the first in a series of unique organ Micropaks. This collection includes 2 classic Ace Tone models – the GT7 (pictured here) and the Phenix Top-4 portable organ.

Puremagnetik’s team of sound designers have meticulously assembled these two instruments with all of the bells and whistles of the originals. Complete with drawbar controls (Kontakt and Live versions only), bass pedals, and simulated speaker effects, Vintage Organs Volume 1 is guaranteed to get that time-honored funkiness into your session!

Vintage Organs Volume 1 features

  • Over 500 24-bit organ samples.
  • 6 multisampled organ instruments.
  • Authentic drawbar and bass pedal controls.
  • Laslo speaker effect rack for the Ableton Live version.
  • Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects.

Vintage Organs Volume 1 is now available for Puremagnetik subscribers (subscriptions starting at $5.75 per month).

Visit Puremagnetik for more information and audio demos.