Puremagnetik Waveframe

Puremagnetik has released Waveframe, an advanced wavetable synthesizer designed exclusively for the features of Ableton Live.

Waveframe is an advanced wavetable synth based on Ensoniq’s unique Fizmo instrument. Utilizing the same “Transwave” concept, Waveframe contains a collection of pre-programmed patches, over 30 waveform devices and over 1700 sample “frames”. Waveform frames can be modulated via retriggering within a patch. This gives a natural sounding progression over time as each spectrum of a waveform evolves through its phases.

By employing features only available within the Ableton Live environment, Puremagnetik has reconstructed the Fizmo architecture from scratch. From over 30 unique waveform groups, a generous selection of presets have been programmed that employ many of the same features as the original Fizmo. And just like on the original, each voice group is highly individualized giving patches a complex, evolving and rich tone.

Waveframe features

  • Over 1700 waveform samples.
  • Over 30 waveform rack devices.
  • A selection of preset pads, leads, basses & more.
  • Tightly integrated native Ableton effects & controls.
  • Easy hotswapping between waveform devices.

Waveframe is available now as a download for Puremagnetik subscribers. Subscriptions start at $5.75 USD.

More information: Puremagnetik / Waveframe