Puremagnetik Zodiak

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Zodiak, a bottom-heavy set of instruments with extra growl and bite.

A Moog Taurus II was equipped with a range expansion retrofit kit and recorded through multiple guitar and bass amplifiers. For bass driven productions this sound set comes packed with options for both sub and complex overtone voices.

Zodiak contains over 20 meticulously programmed multisample instruments and over 800 high quality 24 bit recordings. It is available in Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and EXS Universal formats.

Zodiak features

  • A library of over 20 multisampled programs.
  • Over 800 High Quality 24 bit samples.
  • Advanced Ableton Live Macro Controls.
  • Completely integrated KSP user interface for Kontakt.
  • EXS Universal file format for easy importing into any audio host.

The Mikropak is now available to Puremagnetik subscribers.

More information: Puremagnetik / Zodiak