Quiet Art Wave Rider

Quiet Art has released version 1.4 of Wave Rider, a virtual fader controller plugin for Digidesign Pro Tools.

Wave Rider was designed with Post Production mixing needs in mind. The algorithm is tuned to respond best to dialogue recordings: quiet parts are boosted, and loud parts are attenuated to maintain a constant level. However, you might find that it’s quite handy for a multitude of scenarios.

Changes in Wave Rider v1.4

  • Major improvements to Wave Rider’s algorithm. Now, with new low level detection, and the help of “Silence Level” and “Behaviour” sliders, you can dial in the perfect combination that will give you the most natural volume riding.
  • Improved response time. Now, Wave Rider generated automation lags only 40ms rather than 300ms, thanks to the redesign of the MIDI driver.
  • This version of Wave Rider supports iLok authorization.

Wave Rider is available for purchase for Mac OSX 10.x (RTAS) for $85 USD. A 17 day trial version is available for download.

More information: Wave Rider