Rast Sound has announced the release of its first ensemble library (including vocals) from Morocco ever produced: Sounds of Morocco.

The library includes sounds from 14 different instruments by 7 players (except vocals) for the ensemble kits, meticulously recorded on location.

With co-producer Anello Capuano, we designed the library to offer full usability of recorded sounds as multisample instruments, cross mixable stems/patterns, phrase composer tools and stylised sounds for Kontakt & WAV. The library also lets you create urgent build ups of authentic ensemble flows with little effort, as the 134 kit stems you will find as part of it belong to 9 ensemble kits, each with 2 variations.

With this usability, you can thoroughly compose tracks from start to end, use a single instrument in addition to your music or find rare, eclectic sound inspiration to add on top of your beats. We designed the library considering film and game composers as well as modern day producers, world music enthusiasts and sound collectors.

Sounds of Morocco features

  • 1 GB content (Wav + Kontakt).
  • 14 recorded instruments:
    • Drums & percussion: Bendir, darbuka, tbel, tbilat, qarqabou, cabassa, calabash, udu.
    • Tonal: Female & male singing, hajouj, violin, ney, dulcimer, oud, awwada.
  • 480+ samples.
  • 150+ stems & patterns.
  • 196 multisamples.
  • 112 phrases.
  • 35 stylized patterns & longs.
  • 6 long solos.
  • 14 Kontakt presets (requires Kontakt 5.6.5 or higher, full version):
    • Multisample instruments: Violin legato, violin staccato, hajouj bass, percussion ensemble, ney staccato, space string (bonus).
    • Composer Tools, Players: Vocal phrase composer, instrument phrase composer, percussion phrase composer, kit stem players I, II, III, stylized patterns player.

Sounds of Morocco is on sale for the intro price of 34 EUR until January 30th, 2018 (regular 49 EUR).

More information: Rast Sound