Raw Loops Machine Techno

Raw Loops has launched Machine Techno, a sample pack featuring 258 loops and samples.

540+ MB of all Analog grooves, synths, & sounds from thumping drums and percussion, to cutting hi-hat loops, hardware synth lines and deep analog bass.

Machine Techno represents the vibe of hardware based music production to satisfy all your analog-only sample needs, fusing the sound of techno and old school house.

Machine Techno features

  • Tops Loops – 55 machine based top-end loops and samples.
  • Bass Loops – 30 subby and hooky bass lines prime for underground low end power.
  • Music Loops – 28 unique leads and musical add-ons.
  • Beat Loops – 68 beats delivering the backbone for any track.
  • Percussion Loops – 24 hardware percussive loops for enhanced swing grooves.
  • Vocal Loops – 13 processed vocal cuts for layering.
  • RAW_Kicks – 40 low-mid cracking analog kicks straight from the machines.
  • 546.3 MB total content, 24 bit WAVs at 125 bpm.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $27.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / Machine Techno