Real Music Media has announced it is now offering all its sample libraries at no cost.

For various reasons, not least of which is a desire to be courteous to past customers, we will be discontinuing the rex files, and the wave files are dithered down to 16/44.1 from 24/48. The Battery version of the Real Snare Drum is also discontinued.

People who REALLY NEED any of this discontinued stuff can, of course, contact us, and we can work something out at the old prices.

Real Music Media products include various loops libraries — Drum Sounds of the 60’s, Swing Jazz Drums, Synthetic Vortices, Endangered Rhythms, and Ritornelli, a multi-sampled vintage 1972 Slingerland Sound King snare drum — The Real Snare Drum, and The Taijiguy Mellotron, a collection of samples of a restored Mellotron M400S.

Visit Real Music Media for more information.