Reason Studios has announced an update to its Reason music production software and Reason Rack Plugin.

Reason Beat Map

Version 11.2 features a new Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer and MIDI Out and Drag MIDI Notes to Track for the Reason Rack Plugin.

Control anything in your DAW with the devices in your Reason Rack. From simply creating nice harmonies with Scales & Chords to building a complex modular set-up with Players and CV—Reason Rack Plugin is the hub for new ideas.

Changes in Reason 11.2

  • Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer Rack Extension (Reason and Reason Suite only): A Player that generates drum patterns based on built-in beats, algorithms and simple but powerful controls. It’s normally used with a drum instrument such as Kong, Rytmik or Umpf, but can also be used with melodic instruments for interesting results. Simply great for inspiration.
  • New MIDI Out Device in Reason Rack Plugin: You can now send MIDI notes and MIDI CC from devices in Reason Rack Plugin to your host DAW. You could also patch up to eight CV signals from Reason Rack Plugin devices and route them as separate MIDI CCs to your host DAW.
  • New MIDI Out Device in Reason/Intro/Lite (stand-alone): The MIDI Out Device replaces the External MIDI Instrument device. You can now patch up to eight CV signals and route them as separate MIDI CCs to external MIDI gear.
  • Drag MIDI notes from Redrum, Dr Octo Rex and Matrix in Reason Rack Plugin to tracks in your host DAW.
  • Fixed an issue where automating parameters in the AU version of Reason Rack Plugin did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with VST2 plugins using iLok when using Reason under macOS Catalina.
  • Fixed an issue that made certain VST2 plugins crash (including SoundToys, Mastering the Mix and Cherry Audio).
  • New version of Authorizer with several improvements, including fixing an incompatibility with other software using CodeMeter.

The update is available to download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Reason Studios