Reason Studios has announced an update to the Bassline Generator, a MIDI Player instrument designed to create basslines with ease.

Version 1.1 adds more source basslines, fresh patches, and several handy workflow features for even more control over your low-end groove.

Bassline Generator is a Player made for cooking up new basslines fast. Use the immediate interface to mix, match, and modulate the tailor-made phrases and find the perfect low-end groove, then get hands-on with the built-in note display.

It comes with 200+ patches, including Player patches and Combinators with ready-to-go bass sounds.

Changes in Bassline Generator v1.1

  • 60+ new device patches and Combinator patches.
  • 64 new source basslines in a new Bank B.
  • Select between Bank A or B independently for the on-beat and off-beat notes.
  • You can now Shift the timing of the bassline +/- 32 steps.
  • 12 new variator shapes for, you guessed it, more variation.
  • Transposing a tied note now transposes all notes tied to it.
  • Added a pitch line in the note display to help visualize the pitch.
  • Added a CV input for transposing the bassline.
  • Added a CV input for shifting the bassline.
  • Hold [Shift] when dragging horizontally in the note display to restrict the pitch.
  • Hold [Shift] for greater precision when selecting source phrases in the diamond display.

Bassline Generator 1.1 and over 80 other uniquely musical devices are available now in Reason+. The Rack Extension is also available to purchase separately for 74 EUR.

More information: Reason Studios