Red Rock Sound has launched PolyIvoks Filter, a filter Rack Extension developed on the basis of the filter of the legendary Soviet synthesizer of the 1980s.

PolyIvoks Filter brings stereo outputs and inputs to the legendary Soviet analog sound.

On the centre panel is located Patch Browser Display, as well as Bypass switch, just below it is the input level meter.

To the right of these, located the Filter block, Envelop and Output section.

Filter: The four controls adjust [3] Cutoff, [4] Resonance, [5] LPF to BPF switch, [6] Modulation (LFO) level and [7] Envelope level (You can set positive or negative values).

Envelope: repeating [8] Attack, [9] Decay envelope.

Output: And the rightmost unit has 2 regulators [10] Envelope level (You can set positive or negative values) and [11] Output gain.

The leftmost panels house the LFO controls, [2] Mode which offers four waveforms, including noise, and a stepped function for sample & hold effects, well as [1] Speed control.

PolyIvoks Filter is available from the Propellerhead Store for 39 EUR.

More information: Red Rock Sound