Zenhiser has released the Reflex Drum & Bass, a sample pack brimming with hysteria and drive.

Zenhiser Reflex Drum & Bass

The pack covers sub genres including Techstep, Hardstep and Technoid, delivering a wide range of options, with sounds you simply haven’t heard before.

Inside this confrontational pack you can expect to find stimulating basslines, impulsive melodies, freakishly good rhythms and rip roaring fx. Everything has been created between 172bpm – 174bpm giving a small range of highly detailed d&b samples. With labels like Critical, Dispatch, Methlab, Hospital Records and Metalheadz an inspiration for this pack, you know the grit and growl level will hit the stratosphere.

Alternative techniques were used with multi-sampling, fx chains and complex morphing giving every sound an exemplary feel, however these techniques mean a reduced amount of midi. Even with limited midi this Drum & Bass sample pack sits at top level for inspiration, desire and drive.

So if you’re into Emperor, Current Value, Black Sun Empire, Enei and Prolix, you’re in the right place to deliver maximum impact for dance floors worldwide.

With Future Drum & Bass Zenhiser delivers a futuristic, forward-thinking sample pack that showcases new avenues into the drum and bass sound.

Zenhiser Future Drum & Bass

The collection contains over 2GB of razor sharp drums, evolutionary basslines and an intense synth workout.

Influenced by the likes of Noisia, Mefjus, Bou, Imanu and Synergy, this impressive style of Drum & Bass pushes boundaries with its dystopian, energetic sound.You’ll find this dnb sample pack overflowing with just about everything you need to keep you studio knocking out hit after hit.

Full mix loops are supplied with their individual parts, an exemplary collection of drum hits is included, fx tie your sequences together, one shots for all out producer freedom and midi to allow near endless programming possibilities.

The underground side of Drum & Bass will always evolve and ‘Future Drum & Bass’ is taking you in that new, futuristic direction.

The sample packs are available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP each.

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