reFX has announced the release of an update to the Nexus 4 virtual instrument for Windows and macOS. Version 4.5 is said to be the biggest and best update in Nexus history.

So many new features have been added, so many improvements, big and small, have been made. All free for Nexus4 customers.

On top of all the quality-of-life improvements that have been made, and the brand new “ROM Extension 4” we’ve added (70+ new presets), we opened up the internals like never before.

Changes in Nexus v4.5

  • Added “ROM Extension 4” expansion to showcase some of the new features.
  • Added “Routing”-page (replaces “Effects”, “Trancegate” and “Layers” pages).
    • Added complete routing overview of the entire preset. See which generators route into which layers, and which layers route into which FX-groups. Quickly and directly adjust basic parameters directly from the routing page.
    • Added generator-inspector. Parameters of individual VA-oscillators, sample-players, and wavetable-players can be adjusted.
    • Added layer-inspector. Two filters, amp-settings, adsr-curves, etc. can now be directly edited.
    • Added FX-inspector. The FX have been moved into FX-groups. Multiple layers can now route into the same FX-group to save CPU. FX can be freely arranged via drag’n’drop, even between FX-groups. You can add, remove, toggle all existing FX. All FX-groups have their own LFOs and routing-matrix.
  • Added new reverb-type called “Black Hole”.
  • Added new insert FX “wide mono”. Creates a mono signal and then widens it using psychoacoustics techniques.
  • Added “random preset load” button (the die next to the previous/next buttons). Click on it and it loads a random preset from the list on the right. Very cool to get some surprising presets you may have not heard before.
  • Added “hold” button. Once engaged, it keeps on playing all notes until you press a new set of notes.
  • The brightness of the keyzone-note indicators now depends on the velocity of each key.
  • Added ability to change the number of key zones.
  • Added “depth” parameter to both user LFOs. They are modulatable via the mod-matrix as well.
  • Moved instance-settings and preferences to the “backside”. Click on the reFX/Vengeance logos.
  • The whole UI now has more of a “hardware”-look.
  • Shimmer effect is a bit more pronounced now.
  • Arp-parameters that have no effect for that mode or tempo are now visually disabled.
  • Replaced cloud-sync with adjustable user-data path (configurable in the cloud app).
  • Shimmer for the ArtsAcoustic reverb-types was very noisy.
  • macOS: Ableton Live disabled automation lanes when NEXUS was used as an Audio Unit and the project was loaded.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Nexus is available to purchase for 249 EUR. The update is free to existing Nexus 4 users.

More information: reFX