Reign Design Big Hurk!

Reign Design has released Big Hurk! and 1-Time, two effect plug-ins for Mac OSX.

Big Hurk! is a stereo and mono hardware emuration, the first of Reign Desgin’s “Emuration” line.

Emuration is what we call comparative emulation based on impulse responses. It is made of several impulses at varied levels of intensity all on the same unit. If you are wanting to add thick rounded yet still detailed sound to your mixes then you should give the “Big Hurk!” demo a try.

Big Hurk! is available for Mac OSX (VST/AU) and has an introductory price of $49 USD until October 1st.

1-Time (one-time) is a free mono tape saturation plug-in. It can smooth out harsh transients, add weight to kicks, and more. There is only one setting and only one knob that adjusts the gain.

Reign Design also announced Velvet EQ, an all purpose equalizer plug-in. It has its own unique sound and can be used on just about anything. Velvet EQ wil be available from October 1st for $29 USD.

Visit Reign Design for more information.