Renoise, a complete music production environment for Windows, Mac and Linux, was updated to version 2.1.

The idea behind 2.1 is that until Renoise has features like a piano-roll, an arranger and audio file streaming, you should at least be able to use them externally. That is why we have added routing features to connect Renoise to other audio applications. With ReWire on Windows and MacOSX, and the Jack transport protocol on Linux, you can finally combine the best things about trackers and sequencers.

Changes in Renoise v2.1

  • Full ReWire Slave & Master support (on Windows & OSX).
  • Jack Transport Support (Linux only).
  • New Pattern Sequencer Features
    • Decoupled Sequencer Playback Now Possible.
    • Live Pattern Triggering.
  • New meta devices (Modulation / Automation Device fun)
    • Hydra Device, automate/change/broadcast multiple FX parameters with a single parameter.
    • Keytracking Device, modulates parameters depending on an instruments key (note) value.
    • MIDI Control Device, replaces the old “MIDI-CC Device”, finally offering Pitchbend, Channel Pressure, Program Change & regular controller (CC) in a single device.

Renoise 2.1 is available for purchase for 49 EUR. Demo versions can be found here.

Visit Renoise for more information.