Replika Sound has announced the release of RSSD01 Dark Piano, the first of a new series of SUSPENSE DEVICES.

Replika Sound Dark Piano

RSSD01 The Dark Piano consists of 452 long dark Glissandi, String Scrapes, Body Hits and String plucks arranged in 5 Key-switched Articulation groups.

15 fully automatable MIDI controls allow for easy generation of unique dark textures.

RSSD01 Dark Piano features

  • Unique Real-time Forward-Reverse Looping Performance Mode – In this Mode each sample can be retriggered at any point simply by moving the Mod Wheel. Each retrigger alternates between forward and reverse versions of the sample being played. The effect is of a sound gently falling and then rising as the Mod wheel is moved.
  • Forward or Reverse versions of each sample are easily selected using the Mod Wheel when not in Looping Mode.
  • Playback Speed Control – Uses Kontakt’s Time Stretch algorithms to change Playback Speed in real-time.
  • Playback Offset – Allows samples to be triggered from any point along their length.
  • Multi-LFO Volume Gating – Like Vibrato or Tremelo. Real-time control of the Amount and Speed.
  • Distance Control – Allowing real-time change of apparent distance of the instrument. Move the sounds from far way to right up close. Or set it in the mix.
  • 2 x 4-Pole Adaptive Resonance filters – High and Low Pass filters with Frequency and Resonance controls.
  • ADSR Volume Envelope Controls.
  • 2 Pitch Controls – Coarse (Range +/- 1 Octave), Fine (Range +/- 50 cents). The instrument responds to the Pitch Bend Wheel. This has a range of another octave making a total instrument pitch range of +/- 2 octaves.
  • 3 band Parametric Bell Curve EQ – with Frequency, Gain and Bandwidth controls.
  • Delay Unit.
  • Convolution Reverb Unit with 22 loadable Impulse Responses.
  • All MDI CC controls are fully patchable so the user can tailor everything to suit their own MIDI setup.
  • All samples respond in real-time to MIDI CC 11 (Expression).
  • Each Articulation Group can be purged from RAM at any time with on-screen switches.
  • The samples are arranged in 5 Key-switched Articulation groups :
    • Glissandi 1 – Horizontal drags across the Piano strings with Fingers, Nails, and Ceramic tools.
    • Glissandi 2 – Horizontal drags across the Piano strings with Wood and Brush tools.
    • Scrape – Vertical scrapes up and down the Piano strings.
    • Hits – Hits on the Piano body and other working parts with various tools.
    • Plucked Notes – Piano strings individually plucked with a plectrum.

The library is available for purchase for $70 USD. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.

More information: Replika Sound / RSSD01 Dark Piano