u-he has released version 1.0 of Repro-1, a virtual analog monophonic synthesizer instrument that is reverently modelled after a classic synth.

Repro-1 is a faithful component-level model of perhaps the most powerful-sounding monophonic keyboard ever built. When its 4-year production run started in the early 1980s, polyphonic synthesizers were almost within reach of the average musician. To be commercially viable, any new monophonic instrument had to be cheap but very capable. Fat drones, cutting leads, funky basses, quirky sci-fi sound effects – this synthesizer delivered on all counts.

The circuit design made good use of standard Curtis chips (3340 oscillator, 3320 filter and 3310 envelope) and the little onboard sequencer was more than just a welcome extra. Despite its molded plastic panel and the limitations of monophony, it sold surprisingly well and is generally recognized as an iconic piece of synthesizer history.
Soaring prices guaranteed.

So here’s our plug-in version, Repro-1: All the lovable quirks of this classic synth, but with a much more capable sequencer, lots of presets, several under-the-hood tweaks, more modulation options… plus a great collection of cute stomp-box effects.

u-he Repro-1 v1

Repro-1 features

  • Authentic raw analogue sound.
  • Component-level modelling of a classic monophonic synth.
  • 2 oscillators: saw/pulse and saw/triangle/pulse, including combinations and pulse width modulation.
  • White noise generator.
  • Mixer for the audio generators with feedback path for extra bass boost.
  • Filter: 4-pole lowpass, capable of self-oscillation. Cutoff, Resonance, dedicated envelope and key tracking controls.
  • Amplifier: ADSR envelope with curve trimmer.
  • Modulation true to the original, plus an extra 2-slot matrix.
  • LFO: saw/triangle/pulse, including combinations.
  • Extra modulation sources: AR/ASR envelope adopted from the wavefolder effect, plus Trigger and Gate.
  • Arpeggiator: up or up/down, latch mode.
  • Sequencer: Two-patterns, step recording: Editable pitch/velocity, note/tie/pause status per step, max. 32-notes each pattern (or 64 notes when chained). Copy/paste and rotate functions, save/load presets.
  • 5 built-in effects: wavefolder/distortion, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor.
  • 500 factory presets.

Repro-1 for Windows, Mac & Linux (VST/AU/AAX/NKS) is available for purchase for $99 USD + VAT in EU.

More information: u-he