Resonance Sound has launched MonoGrizzly 2.0, a monophonic and analog modelled synth for raw and wild analog styled bass and synth sounds.

CFA Sound MonoGrizzly 2.0

After some years in the cage, the MonoGrizzly 2 has finally grown to its full size and is ready to bare it`s claws! Coming with a completely reworked engine, a lot of own character, massive oscillators, a toasty filter module based on the classic ladder design and fx effects – packed into an easy-to-use interface.

MonoGrizzly 2.0 features

  • Monophonic analog modelled synthesizer.
  • With 2x oversampling and anti-aliasing algorithm.
  • Three massive oscillators.
  • Every oscillator generates 3 waveforms at once.
  • Spread option to modulate the phases of each waveform.
  • Roast mode for changing the character to a more deep and rough taste.
  • Oscillators 2 & 3 can be synced.
  • Additional noise oscillator with tone filter.
  • 4-pole lowpass ladder filter.
  • Tube-based filter drive unit.
  • Passive controlled feedback circuit.
  • Improved envelopes.
  • New LFO with 8 waveforms and more modulation targets.
  • Decimate and overdrive effect.
  • Two-band equalizer.
  • New GUI with 2 different skins.
  • 75 complete new factory presets.

MonoGrizzly 2.0 for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for the introductory price of 19.95 EUR until October 31st, 2014 (regular 24.95 EUR).

More information: Resonance Sound / MonoGrizzly 2.0