Resonance Sound SOR Shhh I Am Speaking

Resonance Sound has launched Shhh – I Am Speaking, a sample library by Sounds of Revolution featuring a huge collection of vocal samples.

A calming magical voice, gently haunting words or velvety whispered phrases – doesn’t this sound like the cherry on top of a great musical masterpiece?

Search no more – Sounds of Revolution (SOR) succeeded in hunting for just these ingredients!

Let a highly professional native UK speaker serve you 788 vocal samples: single words, phrases or even variable sentences / group phrases, in just as many flavours as needed to fit into your track.

Find all vocals perfectly clean with a nice stereo image (100% mono compatible) and with no effects added, each word/phrase spoken in up to 4 different variations and leaving all creativity to the producer: why not create something completely new’n’fancy, such as lunatic dialogues, big crowds or whispering voices coming from everywhere?

Also, if there’s nothing you like more than timestretching, pitching or effect-mangling vocals – be our guest!

No matter whether we’re talking Chillout, EDM, Trance or something completely different – it’s never been easier to make the dancefloor shine, shiver, dance or cry. Come and see!

Shhh – I Am Speaking features

  • 465 MB Content.
  • 788 Vocal Samples in total.
  • 215 Group Phrases.
  • 310 Single Phrases.
  • 257 Words.
  • 6 Complex FX Vocals.

The sample library is available for purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound / Shhh – I Am Speaking