Reveal Sound has released a public beta of version 1.1 of the Spire synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Dear friends, we are glad to announce Spire 1.1 Win32 beta (other versions will be a bit later). This is a demo of a proof of concept of new optimized Spire DSP engine with lower CPU and Memory usage but the with same quality of sound.

Before trying this version, please read carefully notes below:

  1. Everyone is welcome. If you don’t have Spire license, the beta version will noise periodically.
  2. Beta is not feature complete product, some functions which are present in 1.0 currently missing or disabled in 1.1 and will be avaivable in upcoming releases.
  3. Don’t use this version in production projects.
  4. Currently the only first factory bank is supported. Currently some presets may have different sound with 1.0, but we are working on full compatibility.
  5. Arp and Stepper, Filter Combo/Scorpio, Osc SAW PWM Mode, Macro Modulators, Microtuning, Global Pitch Shift, Pitch Bend Wheel and Mod Wheel modules are in progress, they are present in GUI but not completed in DSP level.
  6. Please send crash reports, found issues and suggestions to

The version 1.1 beta for Windows is available for download now.

More information: Reveal Sound