The Hive Double Pack by Biome Digital features a collection of 160 presets for the Hive synthesizer instrument by u-he.

This is the ultimate soundbank for U-he Hive featuring 160 presets of the highest quality. These expressive patches cover all your bases and include a vast array of pads, strings, leads, sound effects, keys, basses, synths and more!

This collection of presets will work in many different Electronic styles including House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Jungle and Drum & Bass, Bassline House, Future Bass, Future House, Electro House, Trap, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and many more!

The bundle pack comprises Ultimate Power, a collection of 80 presets designed for modern dance music styles, and Enter The Hive, featuring 80 presets geared toward Dubstep and Drum & Bass music.

Ultimate Power comes with 20 basses, 10 sound effects, 10 pads and strings, 10 sequences and arpeggios, and 30 synths, leads, keys and plucks. Enter The Hive includes 25 basses, 15 sound effects, 10 chords, 10 pads and strings, and 20 synths, leads, keys and arps etc.

All presets have pitchwheel and modwheel assigned, and aftertouch mapping is used for expressive playing and control. The double pack comes with a selection of demo MIDI files from Ultimate Power, and some bonus audio loops from the Enter The Hive demo in Wav format.

Check out the Enter The Hive demo below.

So what do I think?

Both the Ultimate Power and Enter The Hive packs include a good range of quality sounds for electronic music. The pack offers a good mix of bread and butter type sounds and some more unique stuff.

The bass and synth patches in particular are great, but on the whole it’s just a really solid set of patches. The included MIDI files from Ultimate Power and the audio loops from Enter The Hive are a nice bonus.

The Hive Double Pack is currently on sale for just £15.75 GBP, and for that price tag I think you can’t go wrong.

More information: Biome Digital / Hive Double Pack