Sonic Fiction is Jeremiah Savage’s second sound library for Native Instruments’ Kore and Kore Player.

Similar to Acoustic Refractions, in Sonic Fiction Jeremiah takes sampled material and shapes it into completely new and playable instruments with the help of the advanced synthesis and sound processing capabilities of Absynth, Kontakt and Kore.

Native Instruments Sonic Fiction

Expanding on sound design paradigms established with Jeremiah Savage’s previous ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS collection, the sounds in SONIC FICTION are inspired by imaginative Science Fiction scenarios and concepts.

Jeremiah’s passion for the philosophical hypotheses in the best of sci-fi literature and film translates into 100 evocative, otherworldly and yet always highly-playable instruments, with 800 individual sound variations.

I am not too big on science fiction but I do enjoy sci-fi sounds and since I enjoyed Jeremiah’s Acoustic Refractions much I had high expectations for Sonic Fiction.

The introduction video on the Native Instruments website shows the ways Jeremiah created the sounds of Sonic Fiction; turning non-musical objects into flexible instruments.

Sonic Fiction uses Kontakt, Absynth and Kore FX engines for processing the sampled sources. You get a total of 100 Kore presets, with the usual 8 variations per preset for a total of 800 sounds.

I went through these presets and picked a few personal favorites to show you.

Note: The 5 star rating doesn’t mean anything more than a way for me to remember which ones I wanted to play in the video, so don’t think I disliked the other ones.

So what do I think?

Product: Sonic Fiction by Native Instruments
Format: Kore / Kore Player
Price: 69 EUR / $79 USD

Sonic Fiction is exactly what I hoped for; another collection of unique and well designed sounds. Although the sounds in Sonic Fiction are all sci-fi inspired, they are more versatile than you would think. Many sound variations offer radically different sounds. Soundscapes, massive percussive hits, pads, bells, glitchy effects, and lots more.

I find Sonic Fiction one of the most inspiring SoundPacks to date. I truly liked every single sound in the pack. You can find some great musical audio demos on the Sonic Fiction product page. Although Sonic Fiction will probably appeal mostly to those who are into sound design, the audio demos demonstrate that these sounds can be used in any all kinds of electronic music.

More information: Native Instruments