ModeAudio’s most recent soundset takes a stroll down a shadowy world of looming architecture, synthesis and dark dreams.

Replica offers up a collection of 50 Synthwave presets for the popular Serum wavetable synthesizer from Xfer Records.

Built from 15 of our own custom analog synth and drum machine wavetable samples, as well as making full use of Serum’s onboard palette of classic waveshapes, this vibrant, smouldering selection bursts with aerobic arps, powerful basses, billowing pads, sultry leads and shape-shifting SFX and percussive sequences.

All patches come with modulation wheel and aftertouch controls for dynamic playing, and the 4 macros in Serum have modulation and FX processing options for every sound. The pack also comes with a bonus collection of 21 Trap-inspired drum loops and 57 MIDI patterns.

So what do I think?

I’ve reviewed a few ModeAudio packs before, and I always find they deliver something a little different… A bit more left-field and unique than your average sound pack. Refreshing and full of character if you will. Replica is no exception.

The patches in this collection are well designed and perfect for Synthwave and related music genres. With 50 presets, Replica is a fairly compact set of sounds, but there are plenty of gems to be found. I particularly enjoyed the lead sounds and pads.

Replica for Serum is available at ModeAudio for £14 GBP.