rf Music has released version 1.0.0 beta 5 of its Scale Player plugin for Windows and Mac.

Scale Player is a MIDI processing plug-in that makes it possible to play instruments using the concept of relative note values. This allows a user to play different scales in any key and mod using few keys.

Scale Player is a midi effect plug-in that allows you to play different scales in any key and mode using the idea of relative notes rather that static note values.

The plug-in calculates the intervals between pitches based on the selected scale and the user can move up and down the scale playing melodies, arpeggios or even chords using a few keys.

The result is an unusual way of playing instruments, which can be fun, inspirational and much easier to play since you don’t have to worry about hitting the wrong note, memorizing all the scales in all the keys and practicing complex riffs and phrases that can be a challenge to play the usual way.

RF Music Scale Player beta5

Changes in Scale Player v1.0.0 beta 5

  • VST 3 and AU support.
  • Offsets for playing keys can now be customized, plus more options to set them to. Each of the 16 keys can be set to any of the offset values from the list. So there are more possibilities like having multiple keys with the same offset value.
  • Virtual keyboard. Makes it easier to find and set the keys and see what they’re doing.
  • MIDI Learn for mapping keys more easily.
  • Repeated notes wont choke each other anymore.
  • Switch keys for octave and scales.
  • MIDI process/Pass Thru switch.
  • Minor changes in scale editor.

Scale Player is available for purchase for $59 USD.

More information: rf Music