Bitwig has published an article in which Richie Hawtin talks about how he performs and produces with Bitwig’s music production software.

Coming from the analog world, legendary DJ and producer Richie Hawtin lets you step inside his laboratory to learn how he adapted his original workflow to Bitwig Studio.

He demonstrates how he uses custom API scripts to control Bitwig Studio features like Operators and devices like the Arpeggiator. Hawtin demonstrates each one in a video series shot in Berlin’s iconic Hansa Studios, providing detailed technical insight into his creative methods for production and live performance.

Bitwig’s open controller extension API allows users to implement custom controller scripts or “extensions” in Bitwig Studio. In other words, anyone can customize how hardware controllers interact with Bitwig Studio. Richie Hawtin’s controller extensions were developed in collaboration with Eric Ahrens for the Novation Launchpad Pro, AKAI Fire, and a custom Yaeltex. They were tailored to suit his improvisational style and have a unique feature set including changing loop lengths, writing clips or launching clips on the fly.

Each extension is now available for download via Bitwig’s website, along with an interview with Hawtin about his process and his experience adapting to Bitwig Studio.

“It was always my intention to release all the scripts to the public,” Hawtin said. “I believe that if I have a certain way of working, there’s always going to be somebody else out there who will appreciate that.”

The package also includes documentation for the scripts, including a detailed flowchart showing how everything in his setup is connected.

More information: Bitwig