Rob Papen has announced the availability of three new value bundles featuring selected synth and audio effect plugins.

Rob Papen Limited Edition Urban EDM Sound Design

The Urban-X bundle (149 USD/EUR) includes SubBoomBass 2, Punch 2, Punch-BD, MasterMagic, and RP-AMOD.

Are you producing HipHop, RnB or Trap music? This bundle has been specially compiled for you! Featuring five virtual synths and effects plug-ins designed to inspire and speed up the process of Urban music creation. Drum machine backed-rhythms, heavy basslines, and more… let these creative tools help you to start building your next urban track, whatever the style.

The EDM-X bundle (179 USD/EUR) includes Predator 2, RAW, RAW-Kick, XY-Transfer, and RP-AMOD.

The Rob Papen EDM-X Bundle provides a spectacular line-up of virtual synths and effects plug-ins for contemporary EDM music. Flexible, powerful, inspiring and easy to use, the EDM-X Bundle has all you need to start creating fresh and exciting modern electronic dance music!

The Sound Design-X bundle (199 USD/EUR) includes BLUE-II, Punch 2 (& Punch), Punch-BD, Blade, RP-AMOD, and Prisma.

Love discovering and crafting unique new sounds for your music? Diving into synthesizers to test and tweak presets? Experimenting with audio? Then the Rob Papen Sound Design-X bundle featuring six formidable virtual synths and effects plug-ins is the collection for you!

Upgrades are available from 49 USD/EUR. The offer expires July 1st, 2020.

More information: Rob Papen